Minimally invasive spine surgery has revolutionized the field within the last two decades. Prior to its introduction, traditional spine surgery required extensive dissection of the normal tissues surrounding the spine.

Modern-day minimally invasive surgery can be traced back to the mid 1990’s in Memphis with the invention of the tubular retraction system. Since then, select minimally invasive-specific approaches, tools, and techniques have evolved to allow pin-point accuracy in target localization, without excessive collateral damage to normal, surrounding tissues. These operations are performed microscopically through a small operating tube that requires an incision typically less than an inch long.

Minimally invasive techniques typically results in less blood loss and infections, lower postoperative pain levels, and decreased scarring. Patients generally leave the hospital the same day as surgery to recover in the comfort of their own homes.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery In Tampa Bay, Florida
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