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Neurogenic = arising in the nervous system
Claudication = leg pain, heaviness and/or weakness with walking

Neurogenic claudication results from compression of the spinal nerves in the lumbar (lower) spine. It is sometimes known as pseudoclaudication.

Neurogenic claudication is different from vascular claudication, sometimes simply called claudication, which is caused by impaired blood flow to the leg muscles.


The symptoms of neurogenic claudication can include pain, tingling, or cramping in the lower back and one or both legs, hips, and buttocks. Weakness or heaviness in the legs may also occur. These symptoms are especially present when standing upright or walking and usually relieved with leaning forward or sitting down.

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Causes and Risk Factors

Neurogenic claudication is usually caused by spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal) in the lumbar spine (lower back). The narrowing of the spinal canal is generally caused by wear and tear and arthritic changes in the lower spine. These changes include bulging discs, thickening of ligaments, and overgrowth of bone spurs, especially at spinal facet joints. Stenosis can compress the nerve roots that control sensation and movement in the lower body. This compression causes the pain, tingling, or cramping.

The pain is usually worse when standing and walking because in a fully upright posture, the spinal canal naturally narrows, placing additional pressure on the nerve roots. The pain can often be temporarily relieved by sitting down or flexing forward– in these postures, the spinal canal naturally expands a bit, relieving the excess pressure on the nerve roots.

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