Robot-guided spine surgery is a game-changer for millions of patients suffering from neck or back conditions. Its advanced technology allows Total Spine & Brain Institute surgeons the ability to perform less invasive surgical procedures with smaller incisions, less operative bleeding, faster recovery time and shorter hospital stays.

Additionally, Robot-guided spine surgery is performed with less radiation exposure to patients and health care providers. Robot-guidance also can increase the accuracy and safety of surgical procedures allowing for better outcomes and a healthier you.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery In Tampa Bay, Florida

Why choose Total Spine & Brain Institute for Robot-Guided Spine Sergury?

Dr. Le is a Spinal Neurosurgeon who is a specialist in minimally invasive spine surgery and complex spinal disorders. Dr. Le also specializes in robotic spine surgery using the Mazor X™ robotic system for better accuracy and results to patients. In fact, he was the first surgeon in Hillsborough and Pinellas county to utilize this cutting-edge technology. A rare asset to the community, Dr. Le is one of a select few in the world who have been fellowship-trained by Dr. Kevin Foley, regarded by many as the father of modern-day minimally invasive spine surgery. He has authored more than 20 peer-reviewed spine, neurological, and neurosurgical journal articles. He has also authored several book chapters on spine surgery and he has presented at various professional meetings.

What is Robot-Guided Spine Surgery?

Robot-guided spine surgery utilizes the Mazor X™ system which allows our surgeons to plan and create a blueprint for each surgical case, all before setting foot in the operating room. Once in the operating room, our surgeons perform the procedure in its entirety with guidance from the computerized 3D planning system that pin-points each next step.

Benefits of Robotic Spine Surgery

Robot-guided spine surgery has many advantages that lead to a faster recovery time, ultimately returning patients to their active lifestyles faster. This includes:

  • Improved surgical accuracy
  • Smaller incisions
  • Less risk for surgical complications
  • Less exposure to radiation
  • Plus, shorter hospital stays

Why Mazor X™ Robitics

The Mazor X™ Robotics’ Renaissance system is one of the only robotic guidance products in the United States used for implanting devices during spine surgery.

The Mazor X™ Robotics system allows our surgeons to use images from a computerized tomography scan (CT scan) that is taken before surgery to create a blueprint for each surgical case. These images are loaded into a computerized 3D planning system allowing our surgeon to plan the procedure with a high degree of precision before ever entering the operating room. In the operating room, our surgeons do all the physical work of the surgery.

The robot-guidance system helps guide the surgeon’s instruments based on highly accurate pre-operative planning of spinal implant placement. During the surgery, the robot is placed near the patient either by attaching it to the bed or directly anchoring it to the spine of the patient.

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